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CV: C#/ .Net Developer

Location: Poland

Rate: 5000 usd gross


Programming languages: C#, C++,Go;

Technologies: Net Core, Net Framework, Web Api , Asp .Net Core,MS SQL Server,Mongo DB, PostGress SQL, Redis Cache,Azure AD,Azure Service Bus,Azure Devops, RabbitMQ,Docker,gRPC,Identity Server,Ocelot,ElasticSearch, Data Structures and Alghorims, SignalR,Web Sockets,OData,Security Analitics;

DBMS: MS SQL, MySQL, Firebird, Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB;

IDE: MS Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio.

Projects overview

Project 1


Programming language: C#,Go;

Technologies: .Net Core 2.2, WebAPI, Rest services, Unit testing, Integration testing, Docker, RabbitMQ, ELK Stack, Entity Framework Core,Azure AD,Azure Kubernetice Service;

DBMS: MS SQL Server, Redis;

CVS: Git.

Project 2


Programming language: C#;

Technologies: Asp .Net MVC Core,MS SQL Server,Docker,Azure Sql Server;

DBMS: Azure Sql Server;

CVS: Git.

Project 3

Programming language: C#;

Technologies: .Net Core 2.2, WebAPI, Rest services, Unit testing, Docker, RabbitMQ, ELK Stack,Postgress SQL,Redis Cache,Azure Kubernetice Service;

DBMS: Postgress SQL, Redis;

CVS: Git.

Project 4

Programming language: C#,C++;

Technologies: .Net Core 3.1, WebAPI, Rest services, Unit testing, Docker,gRPC,RabbitMQ, Microcervices,RedisCache,MySQL,Ocelot,HalthChecks,ELK Stack,Signal R;

DBMS: RedisCache,MySQL;

CVS: Git.

Project 5

Programming language: C#;

Technologies: .Net Core 2.2, WebAPI, Rest services, Unit testing,Stored Procedures;

DBMS: Ms SQL Server;

CVS: Git.

Project 6

Programming language: C#,C++;

Technologies: .Net 5, WebAPI, Rest services, Unit testing, Azure Service Bus, Azure SQL, Azure Redis Cahce, Azure DevOops, Azure Security,Data Structures And Alghorithms, SignalR, Azure Notification Hub, Azure Application Insights;

DBMS: RedisCache,Azure SQLServer,Azure Cosmos DB;

CVS: Git.

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