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Dedicated development team for a California startup

Client’s Demands

A client from the US approached us. They wanted us to staff a new California-based startup in the healthcare niche. At the moment of our first contact, the client had only the general vision of their new business. Plus, they had the funds that they were about to invest in the implementation of their idea.

Our Work

Our goal was to find 5 senior engineers for the client. Their expertise and technical competencies needed to be close to the architect level.

The most challenging part of our work was attracting high-level specialists to a project that was only about to be launched. We targeted the engineers who were genuinely passionate about what they do and were eager to join a new ambitious company.

We composed a pool of 50 committed and energetic candidates from different countries. All of them precisely matched the employer’s requirements and liked the concept of the startup. We filtered the candidates and conducted interviews with them. Ultimately, the hiring company picked the best professionals from the contact base that we provided.

Our Achievement

It took us 3 months to complete the task. We helped the client hire 5 senior architect-level engineers with excellent technical and non-technical skills, including communication.

We didn’t just match the candidates with the employer. We can confirm that all the hired specialists successfully passed the probationary period. Currently, they keep working with the company and the employer is happy with them.