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Cooperation with the Cybersecurity company

Client’s Demands

This client is a product company with a global brand. It has many branches in various regions of the planet. It was (and still is) looking for cybersecurity specialists who have to meet specific criteria.

Our Work

We carried out an executive search. Top cybersecurity professionals hardly ever need to look for jobs. The demand for this occupation keeps increasing every year, regardless of the overall economic situation in the world, technological development, or changing market trends.

The best specialists work in highly lucrative conditions with very competitive salaries. They tend to quit their previous workplaces only if someone contacts them directly and shows them an even better offer. It’s close to impossible to come across their CVs on open job boards. When the recruiter gets in touch with such engineers, they should be ready for lengthy and complex negotiations.

The process of recruiting each candidate consisted of multiple stages and was extremely challenging. The pool of talents to choose from was always very small. If someone failed to meet the client’s expectations, we had to think hard of where to search for an alternative.

Our Achievement

Our cooperation with the client started three years ago and is still going on. We have already hired over 20 engineers for the company’s offices in Tel Aviv and Warsaw. Some of them relocated to these cities from other countries. We supported the specialists and the hiring company at all stages of the relocation.