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Returning to Growth: How Companies Rebuild Recruitment After Winter Layoffs


by Wiktoria Stretskite


At the beginning of 2024, the IT talent market is undergoing significant changes, presenting new challenges and opportunities for companies. After a period of slowdown caused by winter layoffs, it is time for active recovery and the search for new talent. This process not only promotes renewed growth and development for IT organizations but also opens new prospects for career growth and professional development for professionals.

Today's labor market dynamics require companies to be flexible, strategically planning and, above all, have an effective approach to recruiting. In an environment of constantly changing technological trends and increased demand for qualified personnel, it is important not only to attract but also to retain talent. In this regard, the role of professional recruitment agencies capable of offering comprehensive and individualized solutions becomes especially relevant.

In the current context, when every company strives to make the most efficient use of available resources to ensure its development and competitiveness, the right selection of personnel plays a key role. Recovering from the period of winter layoffs not only opens up new growth opportunities but also poses the challenge of building a more resilient and adaptive team.

IT labor market analysis

2024 has become a recovery point for many sectors of the economy, including information technology. After the winter period of layoffs, many companies are again looking to grow, which is directly reflected in the labor market in the IT sector. The recovery in hiring activity is accompanied not only by a return to previous employment levels but also by the emergence of new vacancies driven by companies' desire for innovation and digital transformation.

Impact of technology trends

Technology trends such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, cybersecurity, and the development of cloud solutions are significantly influencing the demand for specialists in these fields. Companies are looking for talent that can not only support current operations but also drive innovation, which is key to long-term success in a rapidly changing digital world.

Statistics and forecasts

According to Znojdziem analytics, in 2024 there will be an increase in the number of vacancies in IT by 20% compared to the previous year. This reflects the global trend towards accelerated digitalization of business processes and increased demand for high-tech solutions in all sectors of the economy.

The importance of flexibility and adaptability

In the context of constant changes in the market, the importance of flexibility and adaptability of personnel becomes especially relevant. Companies evaluate not only the technical skills of candidates but also their ability to quickly adapt to new conditions, learn, and develop with the organization.

Returning to growth and development in the IT sector in 2024 requires companies to not just fill vacant positions, but also be strategic about building teams that can perform effectively in an environment of constant innovation and change. This is where we offer our experience and professionalism to achieve these goals.

In-demand positions in IT

In 2024, the information technology job market is characterized by high demand for a range of specializations that reflect current industry trends and needs. These trends not only determine the direction of development for many companies but also provide specialists with career opportunities in new and in-demand areas.

Software developers

Specialists in software development continue to be among the most in-demand on the market. Demand is especially high for developers with experience in cloud technologies, mobile app development, and web development, as well as specialists in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Cyber ​​Security Specialists

With the constant growth of threats in cyberspace, cybersecurity specialists are becoming key players in the labor market. Companies are looking for talent who can protect corporate data and systems from external and internal threats.

Data Analysts

Data analysts play an important role in making informed business decisions. Demand for these specialists is growing due to increasing volumes of data and the need to analyze it to identify trends, improve efficiency, and develop new products.

Cloud Specialists

Cloud technologies continue to be one of the key trends in IT, providing companies with flexibility, scalability, and efficiency. Experts in this field are in demand more than ever, especially those with experience in multi-cloud environments and cloud integration.

DevOps engineers

DevOps engineers play a key role in accelerating software development and implementation processes by enabling continuous integration, testing, and deployment. Their role is becoming increasingly important as companies strive to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of production processes.

These specializations reflect current market trends and demonstrate areas in which IT professionals should pursue career success. Companies, in turn, must focus on attracting and developing talent in these key areas to ensure their future growth and competitiveness in the market.

Recruiting geography

In 2024, the geographic scope of IT recruitment continues to expand, driven by increasing recognition of the importance of remote work and global teams. This trend opens up new opportunities for both companies and professionals, allowing the former to tap into global talent and the latter to find in-demand jobs without being limited by geographic location.

Leading countries for recruiting IT specialists

The United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Australia remain among the countries with high demand for IT professionals. These regions attract specialists due to their innovative approach to technology, high wages, and quality of life.

Rising stars

Eastern European countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, as well as Asian countries including India and China, are experiencing significant growth in the IT sector. These regions are developing as centers of innovation and technology, attracting the attention of international investors and companies.

The role of remote work

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the adoption of the concept of remote work, which has had a huge impact on the geography of recruiting. Companies have become more open to hiring employees from different parts of the world, facilitating diversification of teams and sharing of experience on a global level.

Our role in recruiting

In the rapidly changing world of information technology, where every company strives not only to find but also to retain the best talent, the role of specialized recruiting agencies becomes key. At Znojdziem, we deeply understand the IT talent market and take an individual approach to each client, offering unique recruitment services that help companies effectively meet their recruitment and talent development challenges.

Turnkey recruitment

We offer a comprehensive approach to recruiting, from analyzing the company's needs to selecting candidates who best fit the culture and goals of the organization. This includes searching and pre-selecting candidates, organizing interviews, assessing competencies, and assisting in the adaptation of new employees.

Global Recruiting

In the era of globalization and remote work, at Znojdziem we use our resources and network of contacts to find talent worldwide. This allows companies to look beyond the local labor market and hire the best talent from different countries, ensuring diversity and innovation in their teams.

Adaptation to changes in the market

We closely monitor labor market trends and technological innovations, which allows us to adapt to changes and offer our clients relevant solutions quickly. Thanks to a deep understanding of the specifics of the IT industry, Znojdziem can effectively solve the problem of hiring specialists in a variety of profiles, from developers and data analysts to experts in cybersecurity and cloud technologies.

Individual approach

Every company is unique, and we understand that. Approaching each project individually, we develop specially tailored search and selection strategies that best suit the client's specific needs and goals.

In today's world, where boundaries between countries and cultures become increasingly blurred and technology advances at incredible speed, we are a trusted partner for companies seeking innovation and global growth. With us, companies can be sure that their teams will consist of the best specialists who are ready to contribute to overall success and development.