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Hiring in the IT Sector of Georgia: Features and Trends


by Wiktoria Stretskite

Georgia occupies a prominent place in the global IT arena thanks to the rapid growth of startups and IT companies, supported by active government support and talent attraction. The labor market in the Georgian IT sector is characterized by high demand for qualified specialists and the introduction of the latest technologies, despite some challenges, such as a shortage of specialists in certain fields.

Features of the IT sector in Georgia:

  • Growth and Development: Government incentives and attraction of foreign investment contribute to continuous growth.
  • Market structure: A variety of companies, from local startups to branches of international giants, with notable growth in the areas of software development and innovative technologies.
  • Geographical distribution: Concentration of companies in the capital, Tbilisi, encouraging development in the regions.

IT parks and innovation infrastructure in Georgia

Georgia is actively developing infrastructure to support the IT industry, including through the creation of IT parks. These parks provide startups and technology companies with the necessary resources and infrastructure for growth and development. Equipped with modern office space, high-speed internet and networking areas, IT parks are becoming centers of innovation and entrepreneurship. An example is the Tbilisi Technopark, which offers ample opportunities for local and international companies in the field of information technology.

Tax policy and benefits for the IT sector

Georgia offers attractive tax conditions for the IT sector, including reduced tax rates and incentives for technology companies and individual entrepreneurs. For example, there is no income tax for IT companies, which makes Georgia one of the most attractive countries for developing an IT business. In addition, entrepreneurs in the IT sector can benefit from a simplified tax system with a 1% tax, which significantly reduces the administrative burden and makes doing business easier.

Average salaries of IT specialists and advantages of working in Georgia

The average salary for IT specialists in Georgia varies depending on experience, specialization, and company level, but generally remains competitive at the regional level. This makes Georgia attractive to IT professionals seeking quality career opportunities.

  • Junior Developer: about 1000-1500 EUR gross per month. Junior specialists usually earn less due to a lack of experience.
  • Middle Developer: around 2000-3000 EUR gross per month. The middle level implies certain experience and specialization, which affects the salary level.
  • Senior Developer: about 3000-4000 EUR gross per month and higher. Senior developers have considerable experience and can solve complex tasks, which affects their salary.
  • Lead Developer: about 3500-5000 EUR gross per month. Lead developers, in addition to performing complex technical tasks, are also often involved in project and team management.
  • Software Architect: can earn 4000-6000 EUR gross per month or more. Software architects are responsible for designing complex systems and usually have a high level of competence and experience.

Why companies should choose Georgia to hire IT specialists

  1. Qualification and motivation: Georgian IT specialists are known for their high level of qualifications and motivation for professional growth.
  2. Competitive salaries: Low costs of living and competitive salaries make Georgia an attractive place to work and live for IT professionals.
  3. Tax benefits: Preferential tax policies for the IT sector help reduce operating costs for companies.

Hiring trends in the Georgian IT market:

  • High demand for developers: Software, web development, and cybersecurity professionals are in high demand.
  • Value of social packages: Comprehensive benefits and working conditions play a key role in attracting talent.
  • Development of niche areas: Growing interest in blockchain, game development, and VR/AR technologies.
  • Educational initiatives: Cooperation between the state and the private sector in training qualified specialists through university programs and intensive courses.
  • International cooperation: The exchange of experience and technologies with global IT companies improves the quality of local specialists and makes the market more attractive to investors.

Tax policy and incentives for the IT sector in Georgia:

Georgia offers one of the most flexible tax systems in Europe and the world, especially for the IT sector, which makes the country attractive to technology startups and international IT companies.

  • Income tax: IT companies in Georgia are exempt from income tax, which significantly reduces the financial burden and facilitates the reinvestment of profits in business development and expansion.
  • Tax for individual entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs working in the IT sector can take advantage of a simplified tax system with a tax of only 1% of turnover, which makes doing business more accessible and less bureaucratic.
  • Benefits for startups: Georgia provides a number of incentives for startups, including grants for development and support, as well as access to the infrastructure of IT parks and business incubators.

These conditions contribute to the creation of a favorable ecosystem for the growth and development of the IT industry in Georgia, attracting foreign investment and facilitating the opening of new high-tech enterprises in the country.

This tax policy underscores the Georgian government’s desire to support and develop the IT sector as one of the key areas of the country’s economy, offering technology companies some of the best conditions for doing business on the global stage.

Advantages of cooperation with our company

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  • Active interaction with the IT community through participation in conferences, hackathons, and other events, allows us to attract the attention of talented developers and specialists.

Georgia is an attractive center for the development of the IT industry due to its strategic location, progressive tax policy, and active development of technology infrastructure. Average salaries for IT specialists in Georgia, the availability of talented personnel, and favorable business conditions make the country an ideal place for investment and development of technology projects. Znojdziem plays a key role in connecting international companies with Georgian talent, providing successful interaction and support at all stages of recruitment and onboarding.