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Vacancy in Georgia: Senior Unity developer Salary

-Participating in building the features from scratch;
-Establishing strategy and development pipelines;
-Creating HLD, planning and implementing game functionality;
-Designing and building game codes;
-Identifying and fixing code errors and game bottlenecks;
-Testing game functionality and theme dynamics;
-Ensuring products conform to high industry standards;
-Designing and building game patches and upgrade;
-Collaborate with engineers, architects, PO to identify short-term and long-term tasks;
-Review implementations for matching to coding guidelines & architecture. 

-At least 5 years experience as Unity developer; 
-In-depth knowledge of Unity software and best practices (prefabs, asset bundles, organized scene hierarchy); 
-Extensive experience with mobile game development; 
-Good communication skills; 
-Experience with memory and space optimization;
-Knowledge of scripting, animation, session management, and textures;
-Good troubleshooting skills;
-Excellent attention to detail. 

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