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CV: Senior Ruby On Rails Developer

Location: Poland

Rate: 9000 usd gross


  • Ruby on Rails full-stack developer with back-end specialization and experience in Linux administration.
  •  6-year experience in development with Rails
  • 7-year experience in development with Ruby
  • Well-practiced in Linux administration
  • Interested to learn modern technologies like automated Cloud deployments, Kubernetes, Docker and GoLang
  • Focused on getting non-standard tasks done the best possible and elegant way
  • Active team player with team coordinating experience


Technical Skills:

  • Operational systems: Linux, macOS;
  • Software Version Management: Git;
  • Development process flow: SCRUM, Kanban;
  • Cloud Platforms: Google cloud courses;
  • Server Administration and automation tools: NGINX Server, Passenger app server, Puma app server, Bash, Ansible, Docker swarm, Jenkins CD, Travis CI, GitLab CI, Capistrano, Google Cloud Platform infrastructure & ML Engine.
  • Logs systems: Fluentd and, DataDog, Errbit, Airbrake
  • Backend development tools and languages: Ruby, Rails, Python, Django, Golang, RSpec, Capybara, miscellaneous public and private gems, Errbit (Airbrake API compliant tool), MySQL, PostgreSQL, TelegramAPI.
  • Software Design: Frameworks – Bulma, ZURB Foundation, Twitter-Bootstrap, jQuery, JS;

Professional Experience

Position: Senior Ruby On Rails Developer

2019 – Present


  • Design architecture, implementation of backend (Ruby) and front(JQuery) for all of the system.
  • Integration third-party API(RapidAPI, WeatherAPI etc.)
  • Configuring own Docker images, Docker compose containers(application, PG, NGINX, Redis), volumes and deployment to production
  • Configuring DNS.
  • Developing ActionCable updates and configuring it through NGINX.
  • Configuring Telegram bot as customer interface.
  • Implementing unit, integration tests with RSpec.
  • Working with and configuring CircleCI.

Tools & Technologies: Nginx, Docker-Container, PostgreSQL, Redis, Ruby on Rails 6.1, Ruby 3.0, Webpacker, REST API, TelegramAPI, JQuery, RSpec.

Position: Development Team Lead

2018 – 2019


  • Coordinate team
  • Clarification requirements
  • Performed qualitative code reviews
  • Participated in refactoring activities
  • Scrum activities: planning, requirement gathering, engaging, developing new functionality, verifying, bug fixing, lead retros, feedback gathering, improving project flow.
  • Participate as the team representative in cross-team retrospectives

Tools & Technologies: PostgreSQL, Jenkins, Docker, Ruby, RubyOnRails, REST API, RSpec, Kafka.

Position: Senior Software Engineer

2017 – 2018


  • Performed integration with an external web service system on HTTPS
  • Developed communication between services via JSON API messages.
  • Developed communication between services using pub|sub message bus (Rabbit)
  • Developed idempotent system for atomic transactions between two separate banking systems
  • Developed UI with switching DOM depending on requested criteria
  • Estimated and interpreted stories
  • Led daily meetings with customer to align one of the project's streams
  • Implemented unit, integration, feature and E2E tests

Tools & Technologies: MySQL, Ruby on Rails, RabitMQ, Scheduler, Docker, Portainer, Errbit, Git, Jira, AJAX, REST, API, Rspec and Capybara tests, TDD.

Position: Full-stack Ruby On Rails developer

2016 – 2017


  • Design, implementation and improvement of backend (RoR, Ajax) for CRM-system project. With scheduled tasks (Whenever). Mailing system (standard Rails mailer) with custom mail services integration (Gmail,, Yandex). Custom 1c exchange API.
  • Arch and Ubuntu Linux server administration and app deployment (Nginx + Passenger). Also used automated deployment via Ansible.
  • Design, implementation and improvement of frontend (jQuery, different gem wrappers for js components, simple_form with custom inputs and wrappers, Foundation).

Tools & Technologies: PostgreSQL, Passenger, ZSH, Nginx, GIT, Capistrano, Ansible, Linux: Ubuntu, Arch Linux; ROR, HTTP, HTML:5, CSS:3, Foundation ZURB, jQuery, PostgreSQL, AJAX, REST, API, API Sync 1c.

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