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Ruby on Rails developer builds web apps and the back-end for mobile apps. They work with the most popular framework on the basis of the Ruby programming language. It has a shallow learning curve and ensures a consistently high quality of code.

RoR enables developers to deliver digital products promptly and with reasonable expenses. It’s an open-source solution with a large and active community, whose members are always ready to share knowledge with each other.

Which tasks are Ruby on Rails developers supposed to complete?

Specialists from this sphere should be ready to handle the following tasks:

  • Create, test, and implement applications.
  • Build back-end components.
  • Ensure their integration with the front end.
  • Test and enhance Ruby software.
  • Compose comprehensive documentation for digital products.
  • Create, administer, and maintain APIs.
  • Be in charge of troubleshooting.

Which hard skills are required?

When you need to find a Ruby on Rails developer, rely on this checklist of essential skills and knowledge:

  • Have a good command of the Ruby language and its libraries (Resque or RSpec).
  • Are familiar with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and probably other front-end technologies.
  • Understand how to design apps.
  • Possesses skills in conducting automated testing and continuous integration.
  • Are experienced in Mocking, MVC, and RESTful.
  • Can integrate data sources and databases into one system.
  • Know how to deal with OOP.
  • Are proficient in code versioning instruments (Git, Mercurial, and SVN).
  • Are able to work with Unicorn, Puma, and Thin app servers.
  • Use Rubocop, SimpleCov, RubyCritic, and rails_best_practices to review the code.

It would be a big plus if the developer could work not only with Ruby on Rails but also with the Sinatra framework, based on the same language.

Why choose the recruitment agency

If you want to hire a Ruby on Rails developer in Poland, we’ll be glad to help you! We have access to a large pool of talents with any level of expertise, from junior to senior. With our assistance, you’ll be able to hire or outsource specialists for various types of work: full-time, remote, or short-term projects.

Our team will start by discussing the specifics of your business and projects with you. In the next step, we’ll identify the most efficient strategies and tools for detecting the right employees for you as well as the top platforms for placing job offer ads.

We’ll take care of the preliminary technical screening of candidates. We’ll scrutinize their resumes and interview them. Then, we’ll forward to you the profiles and contact details only of those specialists who 100% meet your requirements. It will be your turn to talk to them and hand-pick the ideal one. will save you time and effort. The prices for our services are always affordable. Feel free to get in touch with us at any moment!

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