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The task of "looking for DevOps specialists" is faced by companies quite often, since it is these employees who ensure the high quality of the software being developed. Without them, effective creation and even updating of software is impossible, so it is important to know how to find a good specialist.

Job Seeker search: What to do

The simplest option is to contact a recruitment agency that offers such a service as IT personnel recruitment. With it, the search for employees will be simple and competent - the recruiter knows exactly how to look for employees.

Basics of correct resume writing

To hire DevOps, you need to put in a lot of effort and at the same time be prepared for the fact that the search may take a little longer. At the same time, an applicant who wants to make it easier for an employer to find himself must be able to correctly compose a resume.

Be sure to specify your level - junior level, middle level, senior level. This will allow the specialist who is responsible for recruitment to immediately identify those whom he needs, in accordance with their level. You also need to specify which tools the applicant owns, since each project has its own tasks. Accordingly, the search for managers and other specialists is carried out for the project, it is necessary to specify the responsibilities in the resume.

The main questions at the interview

There are several popular questions that are asked - and that must be asked - at the interview. So, if you need to find a professional, then a resume search is the first step. After the unsuitable candidates are eliminated, a few general points should be clarified at a personal meeting with the applicant.

The applicant must know what DevOps is, what the difference between it and Agile is, which tools the applicant considers the best and what is his experience in cloud technologies. If you know how to write a resume correctly, this is half the success when looking for a job.

What to indicate in the resume: skills

This is a special area that is carefully studied in the resume of a future employee. He can own various tools - from source code management to planning and collaboration. All this should be scheduled. This greatly facilitates the selection of personnel and allows you to attract the attention of a recruitment agency. All skills for a resume should be structured.

What salary awaits a specialist

A lot depends both on the number of technologies that the candidate has worked with and on his more specific experience, which interests a specialist searching for a DevOps resume. So, if it is less than a year, then it is about $ 650 per month, and a specialist who has been working for more than seven years can receive several thousand dollars. There is also an hourly rate.

Why you need to choose a recruitment agency

Recruitment Agency collects up-to-date summaries of DevOps in Poland. including from applicants. This is the place where it is not difficult to hire specialists, it offers employment in Poland.

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