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A Data Scientist collects digital data and interprets it for business purposes. A lot of IT companies search for Data Scientist resumes because it is these employees are able to make hypotheses and conclusions based on the digital array of information necessary to organize the work processes of the employer.

What the applicant needs to know before the interview

In addition to a competent CV, the applicant should have 3 to 5 years of experience in the field. The employee should also have the following skills for a good resume:

  • A completed undergraduate or graduate degree in data analysis, computer science, mathematics, or applied computer science
  • Strong knowledge of AL/ML- machine learning, and logistic regression.
  • Knowledge of mathematics, and statistics.
  • Experience in programming
  • Knowledge of languages like Python, C, Golang
  • Experience with Big Data

Data Analyst Responsibilities

  • Organization of data analytics workflow
  • Gathering information from applications for content analysis
  • Periodic code review for Agile
  • Working on systems such as Unix/Linux using Golang to develop and predict scenarios
  • Maintaining reporting. Documentation of any code changes or new developments
  • Prompt resolution of production issues

Data Scientist Salary

The salary of a data analyst depends on many factors. These include qualifications (Junior Level, Middle Level, Senior Level), and hours worked. Therefore, the hourly rate of an employee can vary greatly, but the average salary is up to 6000 euros per month.

Why trust the recruitment agency

We have been providing consulting recruitment services for finding employees since 2015. At the request of the employer, we are looking for a data analyst among residents of EU countries and countries with candidate status, where there is a favorable legal climate in the field of IT.

We play the role of an intermediary between the employer and the applicant. We not only collect the requirements of the candidate but also perform a full analysis of his/her suitability for the vacancy.

In the output the customer will receive processed and verified up-to-date resumes for the Data Scientist position in Poland.

Our recruiting agency algorithm

  • We accumulate all data about the company and its requirements to the job seeker. Build candidate profile
  • And we create an effective recruitment strategy. This may include research of donor companies or advertisements on special platforms
  • Drawing up a short list of suitable specialists for the job. Conducting a presentation of your project.
  • Conducting an interview for assessment (initial technical pre-screening) - at the request of the client company.
  • Providing the client with CVs of applicants who match all the stated requirements, as well as a cover letter with additional information
  • We conducted the interview. If necessary, lead it from stage to stage. We are constantly in touch with candidates to avoid interview excesses. If this stage is successful, we hold a meeting with the candidate where we discuss all the terms of the contract.

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