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CV: Senior C++ Developer

Location: Poland

Rate: 5000 usd gross

Professional Experience

Position: C++ Developer

10.2020 - Present


  • Designing and implementing new functionality in the Clipboard component mostly: copying and pasting objects like shapes and numbered lists with their styles within one document and between documents. Some words about this work: during copying a selected object all nested objects and their styles must be copied too. An object style can have complicated hierarchical structure so it’s necessary to wolk a styles tree and include in copying content required parents. During pasting only new styles must be inserted in a document. At the end a document must still have a valid DOM structure. All of these require learning existing DOM structure, designing portable architecture and implementing effective algorithms.
  • Participating in cross-functional teamwork such as code-review, documentation, discussion and defining specification.

Tools & Technologies: C++14, STL, Boost, Gtest, Linux, Cmake, Ninja, Mercurial, JIRA

Position: C++ Developer



  • Implementing new functionality and bug fixes.
  • Maintenance CI/CD based on AWS and customizing build processes: some build steps required creating new extensions for Meson build system.

Tools & Technologies: C, C++11, STL, Python/C API, Linux, Docker, Git, AWS, Bash, Meson, Ninja, gcc, gdb, pdb

Position: C++ Blockchain Developer

03.2019 – 02.2020


  • Implementing new functionality for Virtual machine x86-64. I took part in testing our custom virtual machine which can run smart contracts written on C++. We couldn’t use code from standard libraries because it required linking contracts with them so my task was also implementing some STL containers for our own purposes.
  • Designing and implementing Bitcoin sidechain

Tools & Technologies: C++11/14/17, STL, Boost, Gmock, Gtest, Linux, Bash, CMake, make, gcc, gdb, Git, JIRA, Blockchain: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solidity, BitShares, Graphene

Position: C++/C# Developer

09.2017 – 02.2020

Responsibilities: Implementing new functionality, bug fixes, communication with customers

Tools & Technologies: C++11/14, STL, C#, .NET Core, Angular 8, Windows, SVN, JIRA

Position: C++/C# Developer

03.2016 – 09.2017

Responsibilities: Implementing new functionality, bug fixes, maintenance

Tools & Technologies: C++11/14, STL, Boost, COM, ATL, WTL, C#, WPF, WCF, Windows, WinAPI, MSBuild, MSSQL, TFS, SVN, JIRA

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