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C++ developers can build various types of apps and software, from games to security systems. Due to its steep learning curve, C++ is not the easiest programming language for people who would love to start an IT career. But after you master it, your employment opportunities will be impressive

The C++ developer supposed to do

The scope of responsibilities for this position includes:

  • Writing and maintaining C++ code.
  • Managing code releases with the help of SVN.
  • Planning software development projects and executing them.
  • Being in charge of historical data migration.
  • Enhancing SQL and database.
  • Creating HTML and CSS templates as well as automated scripts.
  • Conducting parallel tests and automation tests.
  • Debugging.
  • Ensuring smooth integration of backend programs built on C++ with Java data from the front end.
  • Managing app settings by implementing a configuration system.

The primary mission of the developer consists in delivering clear and efficient code to meet the project’s requirements.

Which hard skills are essential for this profession?

Here is the checklist of the most important hard skills:

  • Fluency in C++ programming language, Python, and Java would be a big plus.
  • Knowledge of continuous integration, component data sheets, real-time environments, and low-level threading primitives.
  • Good command of NIC, CPU, related drivers, and other elements of the network stack.
  • Ability to work with Microsoft and its tools.
  • Expertise in using RDBMS databases.
  • Skills in dealing with SQL and MS SQL.
  • Readiness to handle SVN, Git, and Mercurial code versioning instruments.
  • Experience in debugging and carrying out automated testing.

Plus, it’s vital to have a strong understanding of computer architecture and computer systems in general. will help you with hiring a C++ developer in Poland

We can find C++ developers for you with any level of expertise: junior, middle, or senior. We’re ready to work with clients with any budget. Our prices always remain affordable.

First, we’ll ask you about your business and project requirements. Then, we’ll build a skills matrix to understand the traits and abilities of the ideal candidate for your position. We’ll draft a strategy for searching for them and will identify the best-performing tools for the process. Our team members will place job offer ads on the platforms where C++ developers tend to look for vacancies. We’ll conduct the initial technical screening of candidates. Finally, we'll send the profiles and contacts of top professionals to you.

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