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The demand for IT specialists is so high that the search for appropriate candidates often comes to a dead end. The right approach will minimize the recruitment time and find an applicant with decent qualifications. We will talk about how to find a Data Science specialist in this article.

Search for resumes of Big Data engineers

What should an employee know and be able to do, how to find a good specialist? An employer in search of employees, a recruitment specialist, or a job seeker who has started looking for a job needs professional help. This is also true in relation to the selection of IT personnel. The specifics of employment lie in the fact that it will not work to look for workers at ordinary sites like state employment centers. There are few IT specialists, they are in demand and easily find a new job. At the same time, in this area, even employed personnel are often not averse to changing jobs to a more favorable offer, posting their resumes on the appropriate sites. This is perceived absolutely normally.

Search for employees in a recruitment agency

Our recruitment agency will help you solve two main questions that every HR working in the field of information technology asks: where to look and where to find good employees. We carry out the search for managers and recruitment of personnel. Our database contains resumes:

  • junior level;
  • middle level;
  • senior level, etc.

The looking employer will be offered up-to-date resumes of professionals in the field of Big Data. All candidates are real, and their skills are confirmed. Recruitment is carried out by experienced specialists.

How to write a resume correctly: skills, expectations, salary

A competently and fully compiled resume allows you to identify a person with a clear position as a candidate, and by how fully he represents his skills, his qualifications become obvious. An attempt to shorten a resume is not the best solution in the IT field, as it prevents the responsible party from understanding whether the applicant has and leads to additional actions to evaluate his candidacy.

When looking for a resume, it is important to evaluate the employee's expectations and correlate them with reality. For example, if a person applies for part-time or partially remote work, and the employer does not pay attention to this moment, a conflict may arise in the future. The desired responsibilities in the resume must be indicated sincerely. You also need to pay attention to the description of skills for a resume.

The applicant for the position expects a consistently high salary in the IT sphere. The specific size of it depends on the skills and responsibilities of the employee. For a competitive offer, it is worth studying the current market situation.

Popular recruitment resources will be useful:, avito, superjob, LinkedIn specialized social network, Habr professional services,, The corresponding channels in Telegram and popular social networks: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will not be superfluous.

Looking for a Big Data engineer with a recruitment agency

With the help of a recruitment agency you can solve the problem of finding IT specialists in the shortest possible time. If you are a job seeker, posting a resume will allow you to find a job that meets your needs, for example, with an hourly rate.

Cooperation with the agency will help the employer or HR specialist:

  • make a competent offer for a vacant position to be placed on job resources;
  • determine the level of applicants for an existing vacancy by studying similar resumes;
  • see up-to-date resumes of Big Data Engineer in Poland and other countries;
  • find a professional with the right qualifications.
  • Interaction with the resource will help the applicant:
  • get help in writing a resume;
  • to form an idea of what skills he needs to pump in order to become a competitive specialist in the market;
  • post your own resume for subsequent employer offers;
  • find a dream job.

You can contact a recruitment agency to search for a resume and solve other business problems from the category of "Looking for" and "Find" through the contacts listed on the website

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