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Finding an Angular Developer resume is not the easiest task as the demand for developers is high. To find a job seeker with knowledge of Google's Angular framework for writing client programs you need to try and review many resumes.

Where to look for a job seeker

The easiest way to find IT employees is to browse vacancies on recruitment sites. It is possible to find current resumes for Angular Developer positions in Poland, but there are risks, including the need for a large number of interviews to test the knowledge of future employees. It is more rational to use the services of a recruitment agency, the knowledge in the resume of applicants is already verified and it only remains to choose the person by experience, and the required salary.

How to correctly describe the requirements for the resume

Looking for an Angular developer with some education and experience to write a client application with the following functionality. Salary level depends on performance and is within the designated range. To motivate an employee, we offer health insurance, free gym membership, and some other social stuff.

What to know at the interview

For recruitment at the interview, certain tests should be developed to determine the level of knowledge of programming basics (variables, data types, functions, arrays, loops), and direct knowledge of the Angular framework. The process of finding an employee should include an analysis of personal qualities, a person to work in a team must be companionable, friendly, honest, and open.

What to pay attention to in the resume

In order to find a good Angular Developer, you should pay attention to education (courses, college or university). Equally important is experience working on commercial projects, in which case you will not have to train the employee additionally.


The salary can be hourly and per month. The first option is suitable for a temporary specialist (to correct errors or refine the project), and the second option is for people on a permanent job. Salary depends on the skills of the person:

  • Junior Level (beginner, about 2500 euros per month);
  • Middle Level (work experience of 2-4 years, about 3500-5000 euros);
  • Senior Level (6 years experience, at least 6000 euros).

Why you should choose the recruitment agency

If you want to find an Angular Developer quickly, then turn to recruitment agency for help. Of the pluses of cooperation:

  • we will find competent specialists for the designated requirements;
  • finding project managers (the most difficult and responsible task);
  • searching for developers from Poland and other European regions with well-developed IT infrastructure;
  • low prices for services;
  • opportunity to consult on all the issues of concern (how long will the selection take, is it worth paying per hour or per month, and many others).

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