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The search for a specialist with the necessary competencies and experience in IT becomes more complicated every year. The complexity of projects focused on working with the Android platform is increasing, and the requirements of customers are growing. This forces the management of companies to be more selective in the selection of personnel, giving preference to professionals. But there are very few available candidates with perfect skills and knowledge of the necessary technology stack on the market. In such a situation, to quickly resolve the issue, it remains to contact a specialized agency that is engaged in recruitment.

Android developer - the question of the popularity of the profession and the search for a job seeker

The total number of mobile devices that operate under Android significantly exceeds similar indicators for iOS. Hundreds of millions of gadgets work with this OS, and their users are constantly in need of new software and refinement of old software. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is so difficult to find qualified specialists to work with this platform. If the management announces that we are looking for Android developers, it may take several months until the vacancy is closed. Moreover, most often the issue is solved thanks to the help of employees of a recruitment agency who specialize in finding employees for IT companies.

Why do employers find it difficult to answer the question of how to find a good specialist in the field of Android development? Causes of recruitment problems:

  • in-demand technology stack, great demand for specialists;
  • the constant growth of the market, which requires fresh personnel;
  • increasing the requirements of employees to the level of wages and working conditions;
  • migration processes, and the outflow of highly qualified specialists to other regions.

There are enough potential junior-level employees on the market, but the demand for them is not very high. Companies are mainly interested in applicants of middle level and higher, who can work independently and solve complex tasks. Such developers can be found in Poland and other countries without spending a lot of time searching, which may be in short supply. If you need to quickly hire an Android developer at a senior level, then you can't do without the help of a recruitment agency.

Features of preparing a resume and passing an interview

It is important for applicants to pay close attention to the preparation of a resume. When preparing it, you can use ready-made samples created by IT personnel recruitment specialists. Having adopted a successful option to your needs, in the future, it can be sent to companies that work in different countries. In order for employment to be successful, it is necessary to use English to describe your skills.

For employees of IT companies responsible for recruitment, the search for resumes of Android Mobile App Developers and other specialists is a standard procedure. Professionals know how and where to look, so they usually close the right position quickly. Specialists of the recruitment agency often cope with the task of finding a high-class developer in a month, and often faster.

In order to quickly find an Android Developer vacancy with good working conditions and a suitable hourly rate, the applicant must know how to write a resume correctly. It is necessary to include the following items:

  • personal data (full name, age);
  • contacts;
  • search goal (desired position);
  • qualification;
  • professional skills (Hard Skills);
  • personal skills (Soft Skills);
  • additional information that the applicant considers important.

How to emphasize your skills in a resume in order to count on a high salary in the position of Android Developer

Often, already at the stage of studying the resume, the employer understands whether this candidate is suitable for them or not. In order to increase their chances of employment and a high salary, an employee should think about what skills are important for a resume in the first place. Specialists who are engaged in recruitment and search for managers regularly study the current resumes of Android developers in Poland and other countries. They also publish their own recruitment ads. If a person has correctly indicated the duties in the resume that he performs at his current place of work, then it is likely that he will be called for an interview.

It is recommended to add a link to the profile in GitHub to the resume so that the employer can get acquainted with the quality of the applicant's projects. It would not be superfluous to have a well-filled LinkedIn profile with a photo. It should also be referenced in the resume. Often, the data obtained from these two sites is enough for the employer to make a hiring decision.

Why you should contact a recruitment agency to search for an Android Developer

It can be difficult to find employees of a small company independently since there are not enough experienced personnel who can interest candidates. For such organizations operating in the Polish market, it is better to immediately seek help from a specialized agency, whose employees will tell you where to find professionals in their field.

Hundreds of suitable specialists are looking for work right now. It is important to be able to interest them by offering good working conditions and an acceptable level of wages. If the standard resume search does not yield results, the specialists of the recruitment agency will help you quickly find the right candidates. It's easy to look for employees when you cooperate with a company like

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