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Opening new company working in the cybersecurity

Client’s Demands

The client already had an established international business. Its headquarters were located in Italy. Besides, several representative branches were operating in different European countries. The owners were planning to expand their geographical presence to Poland. They wanted to open a new cybersecurity company in Warsaw from scratch. They asked us to staff the new fully operational office.

Our Work

We found suitable candidates for the positions of all levels: Junior, Middle, Senior, and Lead. The client had enough professionals to choose from. All the specialists whom we hand-picked had all the necessary technical and non-technical skills. They fully met the requirements that the employer formulated, including the financial ones. The salaries that they demanded perfectly fit the company’s budget.

Our Achievement

We were the only recruitment agency in charge of this staffing task. It took us 2 months to hire 12 professionals for the client. Among them, there were engineers who were supposed to work night shifts. That was an essential requirement from the employer. It was challenging to find nighttime workers — but we succeeded at it and are especially proud of that.