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Cooperation with a boutique DevOps company

Client’s Demands

We partnered with a boutique DevOps company from Israel. They wanted us to find skilled and enthusiastic DevOps engineers whose financial demands would fit a predefined budget. It was a complex partnership for us. But we gladly accepted it because we were eager to make progress in this sphere.

Our Work

We were and still are looking for top DevOps professionals in all regions of the planet. Our staff members conducted interviews to assess the technical and soft skills of the candidates. Plus, we used practical tasks to evaluate their expertise.

From a technical viewpoint, it’s a highly challenging process. It’s much trickier to measure the professionalism of a DevOps engineer than that of a Java programmer. Nevertheless, we identified the right approach and succeeded.

Our Achievement

Our cooperation with the client began 5 months ago and is still going on. During this period, we filled 4 DevOps positions with experienced candidates. All of them work remotely from their respective homelands: Poland, Germany, the US, and the UK. They assumed lead roles for the projects that the clients of our clients run. We successfully met the budget limits that the client set for us.