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American product company/ start-up in Poland

Client’s Demands

The client was an established product company from the USA. It was planning to launch a startup in Poland. The client approached us at the earliest stage of the startup’s development. At that moment, the parental company had only the business plan and the funds that it was ready to invest in the new endeavor. The startup was only about to take shape.

Our Work

We were in charge of staffing the startup from scratch. Our task was to create a development team that would be predominantly based in Poland. However, some part of the staff was supposed to contribute remotely. The client would allow the remote part of the team to work from anywhere in Poland.

Our Achievement

We hired 10 professionals in total for the following positions:

  • Senior DevOps
  • Senior solutions architect
  • Engineering manager
  • BA
  • UI/UX designer
  • Flutter developer
  • Angular developer
  • Node JS developer

It took us 3 months to complete the task.

We managed to attract skilled and experienced specialists to a startup that was still in the process of being created. We convinced the candidates that the new business would have high odds to succeed thanks to the expertise of the managers in the American headquarters.