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Recruitment SAP experts for the German market. Why Poland?


by Wiktoria Stretskite


With Germany standing as a powerhouse in the European market and a renowned hub for technology, the demand for SAP experts has been growing exponentially. This surge in demand has pushed companies to look beyond their borders for talent. Poland, with its burgeoning IT sector and thriving educational ecosystem, has emerged as the go-to destination for SAP professionals. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this trend.

A Brief Overview of SAP’s Significance in Germany: 

Germany is the birthplace of SAP, one of the world's leading enterprise software companies. As industries from manufacturing to finance rapidly digitize their operations, the need for SAP experts, fluent in the customization, deployment, and maintenance of SAP products, has never been greater.

Poland’s Rise as an IT Giant:

Over the past decade, Poland has witnessed a tremendous growth spurt in the IT sector. Factors contributing to this include:

  • Educational Excellence: 

Polish universities and institutions have consistently focused on IT and technology courses. Many have partnerships with tech giants, offering students hands-on experience with tools like SAP.

  • Government Initiatives: 

The Polish government has implemented various programs to foster the IT industry, attracting both domestic and foreign investments.

  • Strategic Location: 

Positioned between the East and West, Poland serves as a nexus, making it easier for Polish professionals to integrate with Western and Eastern work cultures alike.

Cultural and Linguistic Alignment: 

While technical skills are paramount, cultural fit cannot be understated. Polish professionals often find it relatively easy to assimilate into German work culture. Furthermore, many Polish IT professionals and students opt for German as a second language, making the transition even smoother.

Cost-effectiveness Without Compromising Quality: German companies can enjoy the dual benefit of hiring highly skilled SAP professionals at rates more competitive than their domestic counterparts. This cost-saving, paired with the high standard of Polish IT education and experience, offers an unparalleled value proposition.

SAP Specialist Recruitment Process at Znojdziem

At Znojdziem, we recognize the significance of specialized skills in the SAP domain, especially when combined with German expertise. Our model for recruiting SAP specialists with German experience consists of several key stages:

Defining Candidate Requirements:

  • We meticulously analyze the tasks and responsibilities of each position.
  • We set requirements for specific SAP modules.
  • We assess the necessary level of German language proficiency and experience working with German clients or in the German market.

Search and Research:

  • Our experts utilize top-notch tools and platforms for sourcing SAP talents.
  • We actively collaborate with partners in Germany to locate the most qualified candidates.

Initial Interview:

  • Our HR team conducts interviews with candidates to understand their motivation and ensure alignment with basic requirements.
  • We also administer tests for German language skills.

Technical Interview:

  • Our SAP professionals evaluate the technical skills of candidates by presenting real-life cases and challenges.

Reference Checks:

  • We always reach out to candidates' previous employers for feedback.

Final Interview:

  • Candidates meet with our clients to ensure their fit with the company culture and final requirements.

Job Offer:

  • After successfully navigating all stages, we extend an official job proposal to the candidate.


  • We actively support new hires in the initial stages of their role, assisting in their adaptation to the new environment.

At Znojdziem, we aim for long-term collaborations and believe that our approach to recruiting SAP specialists ensures top quality and a successful relationship between companies and professionals.

The Broader European Context:

While Germany is a significant player, the trend extends to other parts of Europe. Poland's reputation as a hub for SAP talent is being recognized by countries like France, the Netherlands, and the UK.


As the technological landscape evolves, the hunt for the right talent becomes both a challenge and an opportunity. Poland, with its pool of SAP experts, stands as a beacon for companies across Germany and Europe. By tapping into this reservoir, companies not only ensure that they have the best talent on board but also foster a spirit of international collaboration and growth. As the lines between countries blur in the digital age, such collaborations become pivotal in shaping the future of industries.