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Labor market trends in the outgoing year: Analysis of changes in labor market demands, new hiring trends, and popular industries


by Wiktoria Stretskite

In recent years, the labor market in the field of Information Technology (IT) has undergone significant changes. These changes have been driven by both global economic and political events, as well as the rapid development of technologies. In particular, economic instability, political fluctuations, and technological innovations have had a substantial impact on the supply and demand in the IT job market. In this introduction, we will examine the current state of the market, highlight key trends, and discuss how these factors influence strategies for both job seekers and employers.

Labor Market Status in IT

The Crisis in the USA and Its Impact

Economic difficulties in the USA, including a recession, have had a significant impact on the global IT market in the past year. This has led to increased competition for limited resources and a shift in priorities in technology investments. Companies have faced the need to optimize expenses and reconsider development strategies.

Political Instability in Europe

Political changes and instability in Europe have also had a considerable impact on the IT sector. This has led to a reassessment of hiring and development strategies, especially in the context of international collaboration and resource localization.

Crisis in the IT Industry

Shift in Demand and Supply: Crisis phenomena in the global economy have affected the demand and supply of labor in IT, forcing companies to adapt to new realities.

Reassessing the Role of IT in Business: Businesses are actively reassessing the role of IT in their models, leading to changes in requirements for IT professionals and their competencies, with a focus on greater flexibility and multidisciplinary skills.

Analysis of IT Market Trends for 2024

At Znojdziem, we have analyzed the latest research and identified key trends for the IT industry in 2024:

  1. Rise of AI and the Battle for Chips: The use of AI is expected to grow, leading to increased demand for microprocessors. This will intensify the competition for chips, a critical factor for the development of AI.
  2. Widespread Adoption of AI Applications: AI-based applications will be actively implemented in various industries, requiring specialists with deep knowledge in this field.
  3. Peripheral Computing Growth: Increased computing power at the network periphery will accelerate data processing and reduce latency, influencing the development of IoT and mobile technologies.
  4. Hyperautomation: The trend towards hyperautomation, integrating various technologies for maximum process efficiency, will continue.
  5. Post-Quantum Cryptography: With the development of quantum technologies, the importance of developing new cryptographic solutions resistant to quantum attacks is increasing.

These trends indicate the rapid development of the IT industry and the need to adapt to new challenges. At Znojdziem, we are ready to help our clients navigate these changes and find optimal solutions.

Adapting to Global Digitization

Global Digitization and the Labor Market

Impact of Digitization: Global digitization is radically changing the labor market. It not only opens up new opportunities for businesses but also requires companies and workers to adapt to new realities. The integration of digital technologies into business processes becomes a necessity.

Reassessing the Role of IT: Companies need to reconsider the role of IT in their operations, emphasizing innovation and technological leadership.

Adaptation Strategies

Investment in Training and Development: It is crucial to focus efforts on training and developing employees so that they can adapt to new technological requirements.

Flexibility and Innovation: Building flexible and innovative approaches in management, product development, and marketing.

These strategies are essential for navigating the challenges brought about by global digitization, ensuring that both businesses and individuals can thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

Finding Workers of the New IT Generation

Talent Search in Crisis Conditions

Flexibility and Mobility: In the face of global crises and political instability, it's crucial to develop hiring strategies that can adapt to changing conditions. Companies should focus on flexibility and mobility in recruitment, offering opportunities for remote work and international projects.

Utilizing Digital Platforms: Effectively using digital platforms such as LinkedIn and specialized IT forums for active talent search and recruitment. Incorporating AI algorithms for filtering and selecting suitable candidates can significantly enhance the efficiency of the process.

Attraction Strategies

Emphasis on Innovation and Corporate Culture: The key to attracting young professionals lies in demonstrating the company's innovativeness and strong corporate culture. Highlighting opportunities for growth, learning, and participation in cutting-edge projects will make the company more appealing to the younger generation.

Flexible Working Conditions: Offering flexible working conditions, including remote work, flexible schedules, and individual career paths, attracts the new generation of IT specialists. This also includes providing various benefits that align with their needs and preferences.

Tips for Job Seekers in a Changing Job Market

Finding the Right Company

Company Research: Job seekers should conduct in-depth research on potential employers, evaluating their corporate culture, innovative practices, and employee feedback.

Alignment of Values: Choose companies whose values and mission align with your personal beliefs and career goals.

Adapting to New Hiring Conditions

Readiness for Flexible Conditions: Be prepared for more flexible and dynamic hiring processes, which may include remote interviews and skills assessments through online tests.

Skills Development: Focus on developing skills, especially in areas experiencing high demand, such as AI, edge computing, and cybersecurity.

Overcoming the Impact of Global Events

Awareness and Flexibility: Stay informed about global events and their impact on the IT industry, and be ready to adapt to new market conditions.

These strategies will not only help job seekers stand out in the job search process but also successfully adapt to the rapidly changing job market in the field of information technology.


We are actively implementing the latest technologies and recruiting methods to stay at the forefront of the IT job market. We leverage cutting-edge tools and algorithms to optimize the talent acquisition process, ensuring fast and efficient hiring of skilled professionals. These innovations allow us to accurately meet the needs of both job seekers and companies, identify the most suitable candidates, and ensure successful talent placements in relevant roles.

We meticulously prepare for upcoming changes in the IT market. Our team of professionals is ready to provide a fast and efficient recruitment process, adapting to new technological trends and market demands. We offer companies assistance in finding highly qualified specialists who not only meet current requirements but also possess the adaptability to thrive amidst future industry changes. At Znojdziem, we strive to build long-term partnerships, supporting both candidates and employers in their pursuit of innovation and success.