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Vacancy in Poland: Software Development Engineer (Python) Salary

Location - Warsaw/hybrid

● Develop and maintain code and CLI tools using Python with PyPI, JavaScript with npm, and manage monorepositories efficiently. ● Create and optimize pipelines and build environments using Docker, GitHub Actions, and Ansible for seamless integration and deployment processes. Collaborate with teams (engineers mosgly) to: ● Streamline troubleshooting processes and enhance the overall efficiency of issue resolution techniques ● Migrate pipelines to new approaches ● Integratate new solutions Hard skills and qualifications Programming and Tools Proficiency: ● Proficient in writing code and developing CLI tools using: ● Python & PyPI ● JavaScript & npm/yarn (typescript) ● Experience with workging in and managing monorepositories ● Optional: ruby, csharp

Pipeline and Environment Setup: ● Skilled in setting up pipelines and building environments using: ● sh/ps for scripting ● Docker for containerization ● GitHub Actions for workflow automation ● Ansible for configuration management
Troubleshooting Expertise: Experienced in investigating and troubleshooting complex issues by: ● Analyzing problems on various operating systems: MacOS, Linux, and Windows ● Handling logs from diverse sources such as network logs, tool logs (NDK, JDK, etc.), to systematically address and resolve issues by breaking them down into manageable components. Nice to have: ● TeamCity, Jenkins or any other CI Servers experience

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