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CV: Unity Engineer

Location: Poland

Rate: 3500 eur gross

I have been studying programming for 5 years, and it became my main interest. For the last year, I have been involved in the development of 4 different games as a Unity developer. This experience taught me to take responsibility for myself and the team, dive into new projects quickly, and work with code written by others. I am passionate about games and a year in a game development studio made me realize that I want to stay in this industry.


Technical Skills:

  • Unity3D
  • C#
  • SQL
  • OOP
  • Debugging
  • Profiling


  • English: B2

Professional Experience

Position: Unity Engineer


Due to the specifics of the company, I worked on 4 different projects already. My responsibilities were integrating localization, implementing different types of input, working with asset bundles, shaders, porting, fixing bugs, upgrading plugins, and project versions, etc.

Tools & Technologies: C#, Unity (2017. x - 2021. x), SQLite, Git, Perforce, Visual Studio 2019

Position: Software Engineer


Our team (8 members) was working on desktop software for dental clinics. Besides programming new modules in C#, I also worked a lot with C++ code and databases. Also, I had such responsibilities as communicating with a client and mentoring.

Tools & Technologies: WPF, C#, XAML, C++, SQL Server Management Studio, Visual Studio 2015, SVN, TFS, Postman, xUnit, nUnit

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