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CV: Senior Software Engineer

Location: Poland

Rate: 7000 usd netto


  • Currently I am a Team Leader (frontend, backend, mobile) of a cross-functional team.
  • 4+ years of experience in building scalable features and projects (mostly using Go) both from scratch and diving into an existing codebase.
  • I have worked my way up from junior developer to a Team Leader and managed a team.


Technical Skills:

  • Languages: Go, Python
  • Technologies: GraphQL/GRPC/REST web services, Apollo, Web Sockets, PyTest
  • Tools: GitLab, GitHub, Jira, Confluence
  • Methodology: Scrum, Kanban, TDD
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, Tarantool, Redis

Professional Experience

Position: Team Leader

2021 – Present


  • Architected new scalable storage
  • Increased maximum RPS on most used requests from 1.5k to 60k
  • Raised a person to become a Team Leader

Tools & Technologies: Go, GraphQL, Python, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, JS, Apollo

Position: Senior Software Engineer

2020 – 2021


  • Developed SLA/SLO and made them become at the agreement level and above
  • Improved end-to-end test coverage for all significant endpoints
  • Halved the release time via automating processes and optimizing builds

Tools & Technologies: Go, GraphQL, Python, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL

Position: Software Engineer

2019 – 2020


  • Successfully designed and launched (urgent because of the pandemic) video calls service’s backend in a month
  • Set up CI with unit-tests, linting and some specific code checks
  • Deployed all services to Kubernetes

Tools & Technologies: Go, GraphQL, Python, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL

Position: Junior Software Engineer

2018 – 2019


  • Took part in developing a few features for user convenience: orders grouping into threads, finding documents, cleaning your mailbox from newsletters, etc.

Tools & Technologies: Go

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