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How to find a good specialist in the field of information technology, where to look for suitable resumes, how to find employment, and recruitment in such companies are important questions for potential employers. A potential employee should know the answers to other questions - how to write a resume correctly, what skills to indicate in it, and what salary the applicant can expect.

When we are looking for React.js programmers, we count on the most qualified specialists. How to find them?

Is the profession in demand

Such specialists are responsible for the appearance of the application. It plays an important role in the attractiveness of the software for users. Therefore, programmers working with React are in great demand.

The recruitment agency will help to carry out the recruitment of personnel quickly and efficiently To find the React.js developer in Poland or other European and CIS countries, you need to contact here - and they will find suitable applicants for your company.

Correct resume preparation

Potential applicants should know which responsibilities should be indicated in the resume, which of them are important and which are insignificant.

It is necessary for a potential employer to get the most complete picture of your skills, work experience and what level of salary you are applying for. It is not necessary to specify anything superfluous, only what is relevant to the development on React.

What you should learn at the interview

Before you start looking for employees in the company, make a list of questions for yourself that you will ask applicants. Full-fledged resume search React.js Developer starts with parameters such as:

  • previous work experience;
  • portfolio (if any);
  • desired place of work;
  • desired salary;
  • the level of professionalism.

At the interview, these questions are answered in more detail. But often all the skills are listed already for the resume.

What skills are required

First of all, this is working with React - a library designed for developing and editing the appearance of an application.

What salary to expect

It depends on which country you are looking for a job in. For programmers in Europe, it makes sense to focus on the hourly rate, in non-EU countries - on monthly payment.

In your resume, be sure to indicate what salary level is desirable for you.

Why it is worth cooperating with the agency

Here are the advantages of working with this company:

  • extensive experience in the selection of IT personnel;
  • current and most suitable resumes;
  • professional selection and search of employees for any tasks, search for managers;
  • the choice according to the parameters you need, the necessary level of professionalism (junior level, middle level, senior level).

Thanks to cooperation with the agency, you will be able to find up-to-date resumes of React.js developers in Poland, as well as in other countries. Now you won't have any questions about where to find a good employee. The recruitment agency searches for your resume for you.

Independently carry out the selection of personnel is not an easy task. will help you in this by offering the most suitable candidates.

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