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A mobile developer builds apps for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other similar gadgets. iOS mobile development differs drastically from making apps for Android. People who are new to this occupation need to decide which OS they would prefer to specialize in.

Mobile developer: skills and responsibilities

Your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Building mobile apps according to the requirements received from the clients.
  • Using and adapting existing web applications for apps.
  • Debugging, improving, and updating the apps.
  • Providing ongoing support to them.
  • Interpreting and following technical plans.

The most common programming languages for building mobile apps are C/C++, C#, Objective-C, Python, Java, JavaScript, and Swift.

To make a successful career, it’s important to be good at:

  • Android and/or iOS SDK.
  • Github.
  • GCD.
  • Node.js.
  • RESTful APIs.
  • SQL.
  • UI/UX.
  • Xcode.

You should know how to create a responsive web design. It’s important to be able to work with command-line utilities and core data. You should be skilled at cross-platform development as well as working with data structures and algorithms.

Be ready for questions at the interview

At a job interview, the HT manager will be likely to ask you these questions:

  • What does the term “Intent” mean in Android development?
  • Which security issues are typical of Ionic apps?
  • What does the COW acronym mean is Swift?
  • What are the specifics of App Store and Google Play from a developer’s point of view?

To boost your employment perspectives, you should be ready to explain why you want to get this job.


A mobile developer in Poland typically earns from 25.000 to 30.000 PLN gross

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