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The demand for front-end developers is steadily growing. Every day new tasks arise, and dozens of applications are launched. And the emphasis is always on qualified specialists. Not every one of them really meets the desired requirements. A successful search for a Frontend React.js developer resume is possible, but only if you understand where to look and who.

To see the best among others in a popular profession

The market is flooded with applicants for promising jobs with decent salaries. Among the newcomers are those whose experience has been accumulated for more than one year. They have practical achievements, "intelligible" cases, self-confidence, and a well-developed creative vein.

The matter remains small - the selection of IT personnel with the guarantee that the user interfaces for the software and hardware of applications and services will be competitive. The goal is set, to find the frontend developers React.js will definitely help, and the right selection of personnel is on the way.

A resume is a self-presentation

Resume writing plays a key role. The candidate is initially evaluated without emotion. Come to the fore:

  • list of competencies;
  • duration of practice;
  • portfolio;
  • a clear understanding of the volume of employment;
  • readiness for development.

As a rule, current resumes of Front End Developer React.js in Poland are compiled on the basis of just such a range of parameters that are of interest to a potential employer.

Interview as a continuation of acquaintance

A personal conversation will tell a lot about a person from what is close to understanding at the stage of a virtual resume. Often the interview takes place remotely.

What should the employer pay attention to:

  • how does the applicant hold up - whether he asks questions, is shy, or is on a democratic wave (The second option is preferable because the programmer and the customer are inseparable from each other in the process of creating a product);
  • are you ready to experiment, Offer your ideas;
  • how interested is he in the company/project?

What are the recommendations for a job seeker who is eager to see a vacancy: We are looking for a React.js frontend developer on favorable terms. It's very simple. Feel free to get acquainted, find out the details, and not be afraid to ask clarifying questions.

Key skills in the resume

There are basic competencies without which effective development of user interfaces is unthinkable. What skills are recommended for a resume to indicate in order for the search for managers to be successful:

  • proficiency in JavaScript, HTML, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS);
  • professional layout - code optimization, design of decorative elements, text content, creation of accessible markup, construction of page grids;
  • adaptive layout, automation (up to the assembly of the project and its preparation for publication);
  • development of web interfaces, setting up interaction with servers.

Advanced level:

  • layout for CMS;
  • creating interactive react components.
  • The amount of payment for labor


The recruitment agency does a tremendous job - gathers specialists of different levels into a single database, and helps the applicant and the employer to find each other. Real reviews in video format give an exhaustive idea of the candidates. Verification protects against fraud.

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