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CV: DevOps

DevOps Engineer with SysAdmin background 

I am an experienced DevOps and WebOps Engineer with a deep System Administrator background. Working as System Administrator for more than 14 years and DevOps/WebOps for over 8 years. I am working with cloud-based solutions - Amazon Web Services (CloudFormation, EC2, Route 53, ELB, S3, VPC, ECS), Microsoft Azure, RackSpace or GCP. Multiple implementations of automation deployment, configuration management and CI/CD with Ansible, Puppet, Jenkins, GIT, Concourse, Bamboo, Octopus Deploy. Docker, TeamCity, Terraform, RedHat, CentOs, RH Satellite, ELK. Strong Python, BASH, and Powershell. Working on container based solutions Docker and Kubernetes - building containers from scratch, performance optimization, container orchestration, automated containers deployment and scaling. Implementations of monitoring and log aggregation using tools like NAGIOS, Zabbix, Grafana, Elasticsearch, WatchDog. Working with different virtualization technologies VMWare, Hyper-V. Holding Security clearance since May 2019 and DBS check since 2018.

Senior DevOps Engineer for Digital Transformation Project

From February 2022 until now

Transformation digital project into fully automated CI/CD process using serverless services. AWS Lambdas, API GW, CloudFormation,CloudFront, VPCs, ECS, DocumentDB, DynamoDB, KMS, Security Groups. Infrastructure as a Code. GitLab Code. Docker and k8s.Scripting in bash and python

DevOps implementation consultations

From December 2021 to January 2022

Couple of weeks consultation with the client seeking DevOps and automation solutions. Documentation and proposal of possible solutions explained. In-depth reporting about infrastructure, existing product and possible changes. Final report posted and accepted by client for further changes (by internal team)

Senior DevOps Engineer

From May 2021 to November 2021

Digital Transformation project based on AWS using Machine Learning. Serverless python and Java work on Infrastructure as a Code (IaC)using technology wise like Lambdas, SageMaker, DynamoDB, API Gateways, CloudWatch, EventsBridge, IAM, KMS, SQS, S3, SecurityGroups, VPC. CI/CD pipelines using GitLab, bash and Terraform. Docker containers and ECS.


Senior DevOps Engineer

From February 2021 to April 2021

Automation of deployment process of Ambari and AWS deployment using VMWare, Ansible and CloudFormation. Working with APIs, EC2, S3, IAM, WorkSpaces, SecurityGroups or VPCs. Kubernetes stack implementation. Short term project to help on emergency implementation of automation tools on some existing infrastructure.


Senior DevOps Engineer

From July 2020 to November 2020

Building environments from scratch on AWS using CloudFormation, Lambdas, Cloudtrail, Cloudwatch, S3, IAM policies. Fully automation providing Jenkins, Ansible and Infrastructure as a Code. Work on Covid-19 related project critical for safety of people. Scripting works with python and bash. Linux and Windows based infrastructure. Working with other teams delivering some solutions on Azure cloud. Terraform implementation as well. Security Cleared role


DevOps Engineer

From March 2020 to July 2020

Working on a project related to maintaining and working on existing Windows 2003+ infrastructure. Working with VMWare, Active Directory, possible implementation of automation processes like Ansible, working with networks. Adjusting existing infrastructure, migration from Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 to supported Windows infra


DevOps Engineer

From February 2020 to March 2020

Due to the current outbreak, this project has been shortened to the end of March 2020. In the meantime, I prepared a total greenfield automaton process to manage Windows and Linux infrastructure on AWS and GCP using Terraform, bash scripting and Powershell. Working with autoscaling, EC2, IAM, Security Groups WinRM, IIS, Squid (proxy), Windows 2019 and CentOS. Working with GDS standards, fully Agile and remote.


WebOps Engineer

From August 2019 to January 2020

Working on the migration process. Using multiple tools for automation and DevOps solutions using Ansible, Jenkins scripting (bash, python), AWS, CloudFormation, CloudFront, AppStream, Lambda, docker, kubernetes or cloudfoundry. Working with RedHat, RH Satellite andPython coding. Using NCSC principles, working on Agile standards. Using GDS methodologies and standards. Focusing on infrastructure security


Senior DevOps Engineer

From May 2019 to August 2019

Bringing DevOps culture into the company from scratch. As their development process never used DevOps tools and they just started a new project in AWS so I am here to help this company to bring things like automation, continuous deployment, high availability, infrastructure ascode and cloud. Working with VMWare, Hyper-V, AWS (S3, Lambda, EC2, EKS, ECS, ELB, VPC, SG CloudFormation, CloudWatch,AWSCode), kubernetes, Docker, Openshift, Jenkins (including own libraries), creating CloudFormation templates from scratch Ansible and Terraform, Python. Infrastructure security.


DevOps Engineer at GDS

December 2018 to February 2019

Working on Digital Transformation projects using RHEL (RedHat Linux), Ansible, AWS, Concourse CI, JIRA, Kubernetes, Docker, Automation and speeding up deployment process. Working using GDS, 14 NCSC principles and Agile standards. CI/CD deployment, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), cloudfoundry and Infrastructure security.


DevOps Engineer

September 2018 to March 2019

Working on AWS technologies like Lambda, EC2, S3, VPC, Fargate, RDS or Aurora to provide best solutions for end client. EC2 Linux (RedHat based). Using Terraform and Ansible to provide services together with Python and Openshift. Using JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo or GIT.Working on container based solution Docker and Kubernetes - building containers from scratch, performance optimization, container orchestration, automated containers deployment and scaling


DevOps consultant

July 2017 to June 2018

Working on deployment automation and migration to Azure including technologies like Ansible, Jenkins, Azure, Google Cloud, GitHub,Terraform, scripting (Python, bash, Powershell). Working on Windows Core, Windows 2016, Linux RedHat and CentOS including tools and techniques like nginx, artifactory, scripting, automation, OpenShift or RH Satellite. Writing Ansible roles, working with Terraform, JAVA, ELK stack, Zabbix, Docker or hashicorp tools. Using Kubernetes for container orchestration. IaaS to PaaS migration. Working using GDS standards - from understanding user needs, through open sourcing all code, using Agile methods, making sure security is a key or successfully planning all steps - including maintenance periods and NCSC principles


DevOps Engineer

April 2017 - July 2017

Working with a large bank on Jenkins migration, ELK setup, ansible automation, AWS, writing Ansible playbooks and roles. Multiple bash scripts. Working with a large environment based on RedHat 6.x, Kubernetes. Working with tools like Jenkins, ansible, GitHub to speed up deployment pipeline. Working as 3rd line support, Agile methods


Senior DevOps Engineer

February 2017 - April 2017

Migration from fully manual into an automated deployment process. Using VMWare-Ansible-GIT-Jenkins-Nexus-ELK tools. Focused on the automation of product delivery projects with many self-written ansible roles, playbooks, Kubernetes, Jenkins jobs, bash scripts. At the moment a whole product is able to be delivered within an automated pipeline with CI/CD implemented. Working with Ansible, Jenkins,GIT/Bitbucket, OpenShift, Python and bash scripts, Nexus, apache, JAVA, MongoDB, MySQL, RedHat Linux or Hybris to automate the deployment process. Written a lot of playbooks from scratch including Continuous Deployment pipeline. Setup of large ELK stack - including the dashboard, log transformation, setting up the cluster



July 2016 - January 2017

Automation of existing and new infrastructure based on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Working with AWS (CloudFormation, EC2, S3, SG), Ansible, Terraform, Windows Core, Windows 2016, Linux CentOS, Python, bash, Artifactory, Zabbix, ELK (elastic search cluster, logstash, grok patterns, filebeat), filebeat, vault, git, Jenkins, PostgreSQL, IP tables, Apache, HAProxy, RatticDB, OpenShift, Tomcat and JBoss and other technologies to make deployment and system management easier and more secure. Improving security configuration. Working with proxies based on haproxy, WAF to filter unwanted traffic, routing traffic - all fully automated with Ansible. Working with Docker and Kubernetes (non production, but development level). Jira, Confluence, Agile, PCI compliance. Working using GDS standards - from understanding user needs, through open-sourcing all code, using Agile methods, making sure security is a key or successfully planning all steps - including maintenance periods and NCSC principles. OpenShift in sandbox, MongoDB



April 2016 - July 2016

Delivering automation experience. Working with VMWare, Ansible, Linux, Python, bash, Perl, mercurial, vault, git, Jenkins and other technologies to make deployment and system management easier and more secure. Introducing DevOps culture from scratch to improve current deployment time, manage the process of instances, users and software configuration. Improving security configuration.


DevOps Engineer at HMRC

March 2016 - April 2016

Working on deployment and delivery pipeline to speed up existing processes. Working with a couple of different technologies infrastructure is Linux Ubuntu based. Using tools like Puppet, Terraform Ansible, Kubernetes, JBOSS. Writing scripts in Python, Ruby, bash, Sensumonitoring, OpenShift, Jenkins, GIT, JIRA, AWS. Jira, Confluence. Working using GDS standards - from understanding user needs, throughopen-sourcing all code, using Agile methods, making sure security is a key or successfully planning all steps - including maintenance periods and NCSC principles


DevOps Engineer at Totaljobs Group

December 2015 - February 2016

Short term project to help existing Developers team to deploy a new exciting software into production. Possibility to work with many modern technologies like Puppet, Jenkins, AWS (EC2, Route 53, S3), Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes but also well established System Administration things. Administrating Linux based servers (Ubuntu), creating a lot of different scripts in BASH and Python, ELK log analysis, grok patterns, dashboard creation, troubleshooting and documentation. Making existing infrastructure more automated, by replacing manual deployment steps with Puppet and designed scripts. Working with ELK for data analysis. Jira, Confluence, Agile methods, MongoDB


DevOps Engineer

August 2015 - October 2015

Short term project to support existing DevOps team in daily challenges and help them to migrate some of the previous platforms into Docker and Ansible. Working with a platform based on VMWare, Linux Servers (CentOS 5, CentOS 6), looking into logs, supporting Tomcat and JBoss. Writing new BASH and Python scripts, playbooks or docker containers. Monitoring via Graphite and ELK. Keeping documentation, and ticket updates with Jira. Agile environment, PCI compliance


Senior DevOps

February 2015 - July 2015

Build DevOps function, integrating automation technologies, working with Azure, AWS, Microsoft Windows 2012, PowerShell, PowerShell DSC, TeamCity, GitHub Enterprise, Octopus Deploy. Working with Redis clustering (Linux and Windows), CentOS 7.x, Ansible implementation. Writing my own scripts in bash and Powershell. Integrating Ansible with Octopus Deploy, TeamCity and GitHub. Also supporting TargetProcess, Hyper-V and VMWare ESX. Implementation of ELK for log aggregation. Agile environment, PCI compliance. Working using GDS standards - from understanding user needs, through open-sourcing all code, using Agile methods, making sure security is a key or successfully planning all steps - including maintenance periods.



01 December 2014 - 20 January 2015

Short term project to write and deploy Ansible playbooks which will monitor all production, uat and dev servers. Writing own playbooks to cooperate properly with Ansible, writing bash and Perl NAGIOS plugins (monitoring) based on bash and Python including NRPE checks for specific server roles. Everything based on GitHub repos. Working with Linux, Apache, PSQL, Nagios, Ansible, ELK


Linux Administrator

August 2014 – November 2014

Main responsibilities are to maintain enterprise infrastructure (500+) servers on VMWare, infrastructure and services monitoring based on

Zabbix and Nagios, scripts writing (bash, python, ruby) and systems analysing implementation (ELK, logstash) mostly based on RedHat

6.x (LAMP, Apache, nginx, Tomcat, JBoss), Red Hat Satellite. Infrastructure maintenance, Linux support, network interfaces support, server installations and deployment. Domain implementations and support (IPA). Very important point of the whole infrastructure was to manage and deploy all servers over Red Hat Satellite (5.x and 6.x to work properly with RackSpace), PCI compliance, ELK


SysOps | Systems Administrator

February 2014 – August 2014

Main responsibilities were to maintain enterprise infrastructure (350+) servers on AWS cloud including EC2, Load Balancing, Monitoringimplementation and DBA support (MySQL), security improvements (snort). tunnelling (OpenVPN, IPSEC), infrastructure and services monitoring based on Nagios including self written scripts (bash) and systems analysing (ELK, logstash) mostly based on Ubuntu Linux (LAMP, apache, nginx, tomcat), SSO implementation based on OpenAM, automation of processes with Ansible and Chef and work with GIT revisioncontrol software. Working with OpenStack. In the AWS area I worked with around 350 instances around the whole world (6 regions). I was responsible for the migration of external servers to AWS - including Load Balancers and some scripts which I made to keep Route 53 always up. So if any server fails or any regions has issues I am moving over Route 53 and some of my scripts to other regions. I am also responsible for all EC2, backups to S3, Route53, Load Balancers and keeping them in Nagios (so some scripts over aws ec2 - bash - to add/remove nodes from Nagios). I created Nagios to monitor all servers on cloud and ELK (log analyzer). Working with JAVA based apps - JBoss and Tomcat. Please take a look into the link below to see some screenshots of my implementations available on google drive.


Linux Administrator

February 2013 – February 2014

Linux CentOS based servers maintenance, system analyzing, issues solving and implementation of Asterisk, Spacewalk, Maintain 250 stand-alone servers on client side (Linux, LAMP), AWS admin/management (one region, about 60 production servers), Automation and code deploy with Chef and Puppet, MySQL administration, System analyzing, Asterisk (administrating, managing, implementing), Users support (Helpdesk managing, remote solving issues, onside support), LAMP, Snort implementation, Dell infrastructure maintenance, PCI compliance


Linux Administrator

June 2012 to October 2012

Writing BASH and PHP scripts, Linux CentOS 5.x based servers maintenance, Managing software update servers that were distributing AVG,Users support (Windows 7), AWS support


System Administrator

March 2012 to June 2012

Implementation of Active Directory based on Windows Server 2008R2, including GPO, migration from Netware, SharePoint Services

3.0 – implementation (shared documents, phone book, calendar, tasks and helpdesk), Windows Server 2008R2 - implementation, maintenance and optimization, NAGIOS – Network and System monitoring – implementation (network devices and printers, writing scripts), Supporting web servers based on Apache, Securing data (protecting shared data on servers, AD backups), Supporting Linux Debian based servers, LAMP, Apache software - JBoss and Tomcat. Users support (Helpdesk managing, remote solving issues, desk side support) – Windows XP/Vista/7, Ubuntu, Cisco, HP, DELL


System Administrator

April 2011 to February 2012

Windows Server 2003/2008 Administrator (Active Directory, LDAP services, users support), Linux CentOS based servers maintenance,system analyzing, issues solving and implementation of Asterisk, Active Directory services implementation via LDAP (ftp, OpenVPN, SMB, PPTP), VMWare Virtualization, Web servers based on Apache and node.js, MSSQL administration, System analyzing, Managing servers for clients (whole Poland or via VPN), Asterisk (administrating, managing, implementing), Microsoft Cluster Server managing (Windows Server 2003), Call Center software managing, LAMP, Data security and backup, Writing scripts in BASH and PHP, Users support (Helpdesk managing, remote solving issues, desk side support) – Windows XP/Vista/7, Ubuntu


Senior System Administrator

August 2007 to March 2011

Administration and support (Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Debian Linux, Novell Netware), Support for Web Services (Active Directory, Novell Netware, e-mail, website, FTP, intranet). Implementing virtualization via MS Hyper-V, Support and supervision of network hardware (switches, firewalls, servers - mainly HP), System analyzing, MySQL and MSSQL maintenance, Web servers - Apache, Backup and network security, Writing scripts (PHP, bash), Users support, Users support (Deskside support) – Windows 2000/XP, CISCO, NAS, Juniper, LAMP, TFTP,Debconf


Installation engineer

April 2006 to August 2007



DevOps automation, AWS, Ansible, Jenkins, bash, python, Azure, Windows Server 2008/2012, ELK, Zabbix, Nagios, Linux (RHEL, Debian),Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS), Windows Server 2003/2008, MS SQL, Active Directory, SharePoint, NAGIOS, Hyper-V, VMWare

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