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List of the Best Tech Recruitment Agencies in Poland


by Wiktoria Stretskite

Poland is a superb location to hire and outsource tech talent. The IT community in this country is already huge and keeps expanding. The quality of tech education is very high. Companies from all regions of the planet gladly resort to the Polish pool of talent. When you want to contract a professional, you can try to place ads on job boards — however, there is a faster and more efficient way out. In this overview, we’ll share a list of the best tech recruitment agencies in Poland. They should enable you to find specialists with any required skills and expertise at an affordable price.


Trying to remain impartial, we should confess that it’s the top recruitment agency in Poland. It was launched in 2018 and its headquarters are based in Warsaw. Znoydzem has had over 80 clients worldwide and can boast a 98% efficiency in finding the right professionals upon its customers’ requests. This agency employs over 50 technical recruiters and its database contains more than 150,000 engineers. Znoydzem is focused exclusively on the EU territory. Client reviews about this service provider have been overwhelmingly positive.

Next Technology Professionals

This Warsaw-based agency was founded by two brothers. It has been operating since 2015 and offers a broad range of services. Next Technology can recruit and outsource IT talents for you, take care of the executive search, build tech teams and help businesses open branches in Poland. In the B2B format, it provides the external labor service. This agency researches the national tech labor market and shares valuable information with other industry players.

Team Up IT Recruitment

As its name suggests, this agency puts an emphasis on teamwork. Its headquarters are situated in Łódź and its services are available in most major cities of the country. Consider resorting to Team Up if you’re interested in permanent recruitment, body leasing, trainings or consulting in the IT sector.


This Gdańsk-based agency recruits talents and helps employers expand their teams. With its assistance, clients can reach tech professionals not only from Eastern Europe but also from Latin America. Its services are especially popular among software development businesses and startups.

dotLinkers IT Recruitment

This company is registered in Kraków and specializes only in IT recruitment. Its target audience is startups and software development businesses. dotLinkers have an impeccable reputation and their staff has excellent communication skills.

Talent Place

TalentPlace is larger than most above-listed alternatives. It has been in the game since 2016 and its headquarters are based in Kraków. This company stands out from the rest thanks to its specialization in recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and the project model. It resorts to crowdstaffing and the talent pooling method.


It’s a relatively large business that operates on an international level. It was established in London in 1987 and has branches in Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań and Katowice. You can entrust nearshoring, executive search and employer branding to it. It can consult you about the payroll, take care of the recruitment process outsourcing and organize external employment for you. Plus, it contracts IT talents and recruits employers for full-time jobs.

Bee Talents

This Poznań-based service provider can help you with recruitment process outsourcing, team building, attracting tech talents and conducting tranings. Its range of clients includes organizations of any size.

NTIATIVE IT Recruitment

The headquarters of this large agency are situated in Kraków. This company can handle junior-level vacancies — but it’s most efficient at the middle and senior levels. It can contract professionals for you or staff your office with in-house specialists. RPO and remote IT Recruitment are also possible. You can subscribe to the recruitment services and benefit from recruitment marketing.


It’s one of the largest service providers on our list. It has been catering to clients since 2008 and it has offices in Warsaw and Gdańsk. Consider using its services if you’d like to recruit tech specialists, lease a team, carry out a background check or benefit from nearshore outsourcing.


It was established in 2008 and is Warsaw-based. Before launching this business, its founders used to consult companies. TeamQuest can help you recruit tech talents as well as experts in sales and marketing — these were the founders’ previous areas of expertise.

Why and How to Work with IT Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies run their extensive databases of tech talents. When you need a professional with specific skills and qualifications, they might be able to find the right person in a couple of clicks.

Alternatively, agency representatives can place job ads on third-party web resources. You may do it yourself — but do you know which platforms are good for this particular position and which are not? Do you understand how to optimize the budget for promoting your ads? And does it make sense at all to invest in paid promotions? Agencies have a perfect understanding of all these details.

Sometimes, you may place a job ad without third-party assistance — but it won’t work. You’ll get few applications or the applicants might fail to meet your requirements. To fix the situation, the agency can edit the text of your ad. If you’re unfamiliar with the Polish labor market, you might be unaware of the local standards and traditions. It might be enough to fix just a couple of lines to make the ad attractive to job seekers!

The staff of recruitment agencies relies on their personal industry contacts. If they fail to find the right professional for you, they can ask their colleagues for help. For you, it will be a unique opportunity to reach the talents whom you’d fail to target otherwise.

The Polish IT recruitment market is highly competitive. That’s why the prices that the agencies charge to their clients tend to be very reasonable. Don’t hesitate to contact them!